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What Is Durysta?

What Is Durysta?At the office of Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein, our mission is to help our patients maintain healthy vision over a lifetime. We hope to provide the highest quality treatment for our patients and keep them up to date on all new procedures, treatments, and medications as your New York ophthalmology expert. For those who are curious to learn more about the new FDA-approved Durysta, read below for more information about the glaucoma treatment.

For our glaucoma patients, Durysta is the first and only FDA-approved dissolvable ocular implant to reduce eye pressure in people with open angle glaucoma or high eye pressure (ocular hypertension). This is a milestone for the glaucoma community and provides a much-needed option for patients challenged with topical drops or needing alternative options.

“[The] FDA approval marks a breakthrough milestone for the glaucoma community and provides a much-needed option for patients challenged with topical drops or needing alternative options,” David Nicholson, Chief Research and Development Officer of Allergan, said in a company news release. “At Allergan, our mission is to contribute meaningful strategies that help preserve people’s vision, while ensuring that therapies are mindful of the realities of administration and compliance.”

Why Take Durysta?

With Durysta, patients no longer need to experience the common side effects of blurred vision, burning/stinging/itching/redness of the eye, eye irritation, changes in eyelash number/color/length/thickness, eyelid changes/skin darkening, dry eye, lid crusting/discomfort, or increased sensitivity to light. There is no longer a need to take commonly prescribed Latanoprost and all of its uncomfortable side effects!

This dissolvable implant requires only one procedure and the safety of Durysta is one of its key attributes. Durysta could be a treatment option for a wide variety of patients, from mild to more advanced disease. The majority of patients in the trials felt the procedure was straightforward and can be performed in an office setting, recommending the implant to a friend.

Durysta provides several months of eye pressure control, automatically releasing the medicine to help reduce high pressure inside your eye, doing the dosing for you without having to administer a medication every single day or on a regular basis. With this procedure, patients will have one less medicine to remember taking each day.

Find Out If Durysta Is Right For You

To learn more about this single-use implant procedure and to see if you qualify, please visit our Durysta informational page. Dr. Schottenstein is excited to answer any questions about this treatment option to help improve glaucoma management for patients. Please contact us with any questions and schedule an appointment today!

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