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When you want an expert in cataracts, turn to the Upper West Side NYC eye doctor, Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein.
As a top board certified ophthalmologist in New York, Dr. Schottenstein is trained and experienced in handling
ophthalmologic care of all kinds, including cataract surgery. He and his team are committed to
ensuring you get only best treatments and techniques for your eyes.


More people have cataracts than realize it simply because they do not understand what they are and what the symptoms are.

A person’s vision can become blurry due to clouding that happens within the eye’s lens. In most cases, the process is slow and the blurriness is gradual, but in some situations, the compromised vision comes quickly. As cataracts develop, individuals may experience some of these additional common symptoms:

  • Double vision
  • Drastic changes in their eyeglasses prescription
  • Glares and light sensitivity while reading or driving
  • Seeing fewer details on objects
  • Vibrant colors becoming dull
Cataract Surgery NYC | Eye Specialist | Dr. Schottenstein

Getting The Help You Need

Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein is an expert in cataract treatment. Because ophthalmologic technology has become
so advanced, patients can experience better vision with less invasive procedures and quicker recovery periods.
In Chelsea, NYC, cataract surgery is a popular procedure with higher than a 95% success rate. After an initial
examination with Dr. Schottenstein, he can determine if you will be a good candidate for the
procedure so you can get back to experiencing life in clear vibrancy!