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Eye Allergy Treatments

Even the mildest case of allergies can cause a lot of difficulty for people. Whether seasonal, situational, or chronic, allergies can make it hard to enjoy life without the annoyance of itching, dryness, and general eye pain. Patients suffering from eye allergies can turn to our dedicated Upper West Side eye care center for relief. Managing the itching, redness, and watering that accompany allergies is possible through a targeted course of treatment that can include medication. Speaking with Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein is the first step towards getting relief from the pain and discomfort of allergies.


Medicated eye drops are among the most effective form of allergy relief. Available only from an eye doctor, medicated drops are used to treat many different eye conditions, including:

  • Eye diseases like glaucoma
  • Infections such as conjunctivitis (also called pink eye)
  • Dry eye syndrome, a condition involving decreased natural tear production

Allergy symptoms involving the eyes can also be treated with the help of specialized eye drops. These medications are formulated to rapidly decrease dryness, itching, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Patients can start to feel better quickly and return to enjoying life to the fullest again.

Using Eye Medication

Any medication placed in or near the eyes has to be used with care. Begin by washing your hands thoroughly, as this will prevent excess dirt and germs from interfering with medication action. Expose the tip of the tube or bottle and take care not to touch the tip against anything once the cap has been removed. Using the tip of a finger, gently pull down the lower eyelid. Apply one drop or a quarter-inch portion of ointment to the lid. Avoid touching the tip of the container to the eyelid as you gently close your eyes and allow the medication to absorb. Make sure not to wipe away excess medicine.

Woman with eye allergies using eye drop medication.

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