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Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein is your Upper West Side eye doctor, specializing in cataract surgery and astigmatism procedures. With 30 years of experience, he has a reputation of honesty, professionalism, and quality skills.
Dr. Schottenstein understands a variety of ophthalmologic issues, with the experience you desire to protect
and improve your vision.


If your vision is distorted or blurry, it could be the result of astigmatism. Patients with this condition have an unevenly curved cornea, which allows uneven light ray refraction. If a patient also has cataracts, or a clouded cornea,
the problem is magnified.

Many patients choose to have their cataracts surgically removed, followed by an intraocular lens replacement. Unfortunately, the IOL will not correct astigmatism, which means without the proper procedure, glasses or contacts would be needed to see normally. While some may prefer this, Dr. Schottenstein has helped innumerable patients get their sight back with the right procedure.

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The good news is there are options for patients with astigmatism and cataracts. Those wishing to get rid of contacts and glasses forever could benefit from one of the following astigmatism procedures after cataract surgery:

  • AcrySof Toric – This is a lens that reduces the effects of astigmatism. Patients are typically able to see longer distances, even if they have suffered cataracts. The foldable design of this lens has the potential to eliminate astigmatism of the cornea.
  • Limbal Relaxing Incision – This procedure allows astigmatism to relax. As it does this, light is able to properly reach the retina through a more accurately-shaped lens. It is often taken care of at the same time as cataract surgery and consists of the peripheral cornea receiving a superficial incision.

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