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At Dr. Edwin M Schottenstein, it’s our aim to deliver comprehensive and compassionate eye care for the residents in and around the Upper West Side, Chelsea, and NYC. Our dedication to advanced technological procedures allow us to treat a wide range of eye conditions and disorders, from cataracts to glaucoma to dry eye syndrome. If you happen to be suffering from dry eyes or dry eye syndrome, one of the ways we can treat it is by using a cutting-edge procedure of ours, LipiFlow.

LipiFlow is an in-office treatment that we offer that combines warm compress therapy and pulsed pressure to reduce dry eye syndrome and correct the balance of oils in the tear film. LipiFlow applies controlled heat to the inner eyelid and applies mild, intermittent pressure. This pressure will open and clear the blocked glands in order to allow the body to produce its natural production of oils. This will cause your eyes to stop being dry and alleviate the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.


Great care is taken to ensure that the cornea isn’t overheated or subjected to too much pressure. The heat will be strictly regulated and directed away from the cornea to ensure that no damage is done to the eye. Not only is the procedure safe, but clinical studies have determined that it’s virtually painless as well.

The first thing we’ll do is perform a series of evaluations to determine the severity and cause of your dry eyes. You’ll also complete a lifestyle questionnaire so that we can figure out how your eyes feel on a daily basis. If you happen to be suffering from a moderate to severe case of dry eyes, we may recommend LipiFlow. If you only have a mild case, we will likely recommend over-the-counter eye drops instead.


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