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Olympic Sports That Require Amazing Eyesight

In order for world-class athletes to excel, they need peak performance from their entire body, including their eyes. Having excellent vision is a critical factor when it comes to performing some Olympic sports including the following that we have listed below.


In order for athletes to excel at archery, it is necessary that they have superb vision. Like shooting, there are many visual skills involved in archery including but not limited to eye motility, depth perception, speed of recognition, ability to see in dim light and peripheral awareness.


Fencing is a highly technical sport that requires both good body strength and superb rapid motor performance as executing an attack takes fractions of a second to complete. Archery also requires excellent visual perception. In order for a fencer to be successful, he or she must have superb visual acuity or the ability to visually discern detail in an object.


In order for athletes to excel at golf, they must have a good swing and excellent body mechanics. Golfing also requires many visual skills such as accuracy of vision or how well the golfer can see the position of the ball, its flight, and its intended destination, which is the pin. Good depth perception is a “must” in golf as it helps the golfer judge how far they need to hit the ball. And of course, golfing requires superb eye-hand coordination in order to time a perfect strike on the ball.

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While it is critical for most Olympic athletes to have excellent vision in order to excel at their sports, they are not the only people who can benefit from having great vision. Having regular comprehensive eye examinations is crucial to ensuring the overall health of your vision. At the practice of Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein, we offer a comprehensive range of Chelsea and Upper West Side eye care for patients of all ages. Whether you simply want to have your eyes tested, have glaucoma, or need cataract surgery, we encourage you to schedule an appointmentwith us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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