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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

When you come visit the practice of Dr. Edwin M. Schottenstein, we’re glad to offer you the comprehensive eye care that you need to keep your eyes in good health. The treatments that you’ll find at your NYC ophthalmologist are capable of helping a number of different eye problems, from major to minor. One of these most common eye problems that we treat is eye redness – a condition which we’ll tell you how to get rid of.

What Causes Red Eyes?

Red eyes can be caused by a number of different factors. Just a sample of the most likely causes of red eyes include the following:

  • Conjunctivitis – This is essentially an inflammation or infection of the outer eye. Conjunctivitis comes in three different forms – viral, bacterial, and allergic. You’ll often be able to tell which one it is based on the symptoms.
    • Bacterial conjunctivitis is often accompanied with crusty matter on and around the eyes.
    • Viral conjunctivitis is the likely culprit if you have a cold or illness along with your red eyes.
    • Allergic conjunctivitis is when you have common allergic symptoms such as itchy eyes and sneezing along with your red eyes; this can typically be determined with background information on your allergies. While bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are contagious, allergic conjunctivitis isn’t.
  • Foreign Object in an Eye – This will include getting something like dust or shampoo in your eyes.
  • Tired Eyes or Fatigued Eyes – This can refer to both a lack of sleep or just staring at a computer screen for too long.
  • Dry Eyes – This is a condition where your tears aren’t able to provide adequate moisture for your eyes.
  • Contact Lens Usage – Sometimes wearing your contact lenses too often can cause your eyes to become red.
  • Eye Injuries – This includes accidents, collisions, and other similar scenarios.

How to Treat Red Eyes

The treatment of red eyes depends entirely on what’s causing the red eyes. You’ll first need to determine the cause and then the treatment will be geared toward that condition. Here’s what we recommend for each of the causes we listed:

  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis – You should take an antibiotic.
  • Viral Conjunctivitis – You should use antiviral medication.
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis – You should use allergy medication.
  • Foreign Object in an Eye – You should rinse your eye with water.
  • Tired Eyes or Fatigued Eyes – You should simply get some rest.
  • Dry Eyes – If you have a mild case of dry eyes (which is most common), you should use artificial tears. In more serious cases of chronic dry eye, you might consider using a prescription drop, such as Restasis or Xiidra or undergo a treatment such as LipiFlow.
  • Contact Lens Usage – You should just go a day or a few days without wearing your contact lenses in order to give your eyes a break.
  • Eye Injuries – You should see your Manhattan ophthalmologist for an eye examination as soon as possible.

Visit your Manhattan Ophthalmologist!

If your red eyes are persistent, this can indicate a more serious condition like dry eye syndrome. In order to determine what the cause is, we recommend that you stop by to see your NYC ophthalmologist so that we can examine your red eyes. You can schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call at (212) 874-2300 or you can request an appointment through our website. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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