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Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Eye health is extremely important because we use our sight for everything. Dr. Schottenstein wants you to keep your eyes healthy and use proper eye care to keep them at their best for life. Comprehensive eye care is made up of mostly simple day-to-day activities like wearing sunglasses when it’s sunny and attending your regular.. Read More

How to Pick Eyeglasses for Your Shape Face

How to Pick Eyeglasses for Your Shape Face

Whether you are choosing your very first pair of prescription eyeglasses or your most recent eye exam revealed new numbers for you, it’s important to make sure your prescription eyeglasses fit the shape of your face. At Dr. Shottenstein’s New York City office, he and his staff understand the importance of the perfect-fitting eyeglasses and.. Read More

Protecting The Eyesight Of Toddlers & Children

Proper eye care is essential at any age, but especially when a child’s eyes are developing and forming a foundation for life. At Dr. Schottenstein’s office, your NYC ophthalmologist, we want to give parents the correct tools to protect their child’s eyesight, encourage hand-eye coordination, and which signs to look out for if a child.. Read More

Is The Light From Your Computer & Phone Screen Unsafe For Eyes?

The easy answer is yes. With an increased demand of technology in our lives, our eyes have suffered. Although technology can be quite beneficial, it has also brought on negative side effects, especially for our eye health. Today, most people stare at screens all day long, whether it is their cell phone, tablet, computer, or.. Read More

Are Daily Or Monthly Contacts Better?

At Dr. Schottenstein’s eye care office in Manhattan, it’s our job to make your vision as clear as possible. Depending on your preference, you may choose glasses or contacts. For both options, we offer an array of choices to fit your lifestyle. With contacts, you always have the choice of daily contact lenses or monthly.. Read More